BlueNile Agro World

India as a country has always been an agricultural economy with more than 75% of Indian population residing in the villages. Since generations, agriculture has sustained and advanced as the main occupation in the country. Blue Nile Agro World comprehends the wealth and contribution of agriculture to the growth of individuals, businesses, ecosystem and the Nation as a whole. Therefore, using latest technology and cutting-edge approaches, Blue Nile Agro World offers equipped agro-plots and provides an opportunity to its customers to be a part of the agro revolution.

Blue Nile Agro World offers independent farm plots that are sustainable for organic and herbal plantation. The customers can use these lucrative and productive plots to grow organic produce for self-use or can choose to sell the produce commercially. By offering inexpensive land plots for organic farming, Blue Nile Agro World looks to promote eco-friendly agriculture and sustainable practices. Organic agriculture is an integrated farming structure that strives for sustainability, enhancement of soil fertility and biological diversity, prohibits synthetic pesticides, antibiotics and fertilizers. In the long term, organic farms save energy and protect the environment. Over time, more and more knowledgeable individuals look to buy and consume organic produce for better health and a healthier lifestyle.

300+ Acres of land Acquired in Konkan for
  • Alphonso Mango Plantation
  • Cashew Plantation
  • Rubber Plantation
  • Teakwood
  • Organic Fruits & Vegetables